Public Adjusters


How Public Adjusters help with New or Delayed Claims.

Public Insurance Adjusters are a licensed and regulated group  of professionals who commonly assist the insured to prepare property insurance claims. Whether your claim is denied or delayed, you should not be discouraged by negative advertising against Public Adjusters. Public Adjusters assist in the following:   

  • Review of the insurance policy
  • Provide advice about your entitlements for your claim 
  • Fully document the insurance claim
  • Provide the insurance company with a detailed building repair estimate
  • Prepare a detailed physical inventory and appraisal of all damaged personal property
  • Photograph and/or Video your damages
  • Provide experts, if needed, to support the claim (outside vendors,  such as attorneys, forensic engineers, contractors, roofers, plumbers,  emergency dry-out experts to assist you)
  • Present the fully documented claim to your insurance company on your behalf
  • Negotiate the best possible insurance claim settlement
  • Keep you apprised of ongoing settlement efforts

We welcome referrals from Public Adjusters when efforts to recover a fair settlement become a legal matter that necessitates the involvement of a law firm that focuses on the resolution of first party property insurance issues. 

We Proudly Support FAPIA

We are proud supports of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters.